new york city assault lawyer



New York City courts conduct thousands of trials a year. Each prosecutor's office has a different approach to how assault cases are handled. The first thing that is necessary for any defense attorney to do is to speak to the prosecutor and see if the issues can be resolved without a trial. Most assault cases can be disposed of without a trial. This usually involves the accused taking a plea to a lesser charge. This can often be very beneficial to the accused and avoid jail time.


If that is not the case than you must prepare for an assault trial. In preparing for a trial, all of the defense issues must be looked at. This includes but is not limited to: self defense, mistaken identity, alibi, and mitigating circumstances. The accused must fully participate every step of the way with the attorney. The attorney and the accused must work as a team.


On the day of trial, the accused must help the attorney pick and jury and come to court dressed in a professional manner. Another big issued is wether the accused will testify on his own behalf. This may benefit the accused as the jury gets to hear his side of the story. If you are facing a criminal assault trial, contact the Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC at 917-519-8417 and let us fight for you.