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When you are arrested for assault a court will issue an order or protection ordering you to stay way from the person named in the order. You MUST comply. Even if the person in the order wants to see you again. It is an order from the Court and only the Judge can change it. If you violate the order by having any contact with the person named in the order you will be arrested again and face felony charges. This is a very easy way that man people are arrested again. They believe that just because the person in the order says its ok, they can contact them. You must follow a court's order.


Each case has individual circumstances and evidence, and some may consider there is little hope. In fact, we frequently discover viable options to defend the case in court and will vigorously defend our client. Our background in the criminal justice system results in a broad understanding of how the prosecutor in the case will proceed and the strategies for staying one step ahead of the moves they make. Your rights will be aggressively protected and our legal team will seek a "not guilty" verdict, dismissed charges, a reduced charge or alternative sentencing, depending on the exact circumstances of your case. We are here to protect you and to fight for you in court.


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